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Shadd Antoine aka Sweet Romeo - singer/songwriter - winner of the 2004 Starquest, Marigot, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies 

Eighteen years ago, a vibrant and handsome singer was born under the significant sign of Capricorn on the 23rd of December 1986.

Now it's time to look back at all this young man has done, and we will see that Shadd is an ambitious and outgoing young man with a positive attitude, ready to make something of himself.

Shadd entered high school in the year of 1998 after he was awarded a full scholarship.  Shadd was not aware or did not discover his talent until he met three (3) other young men who were as interested in music as he was.

At this time a group called L7 was formed which consisted of Joel, Keith, Baba and Shadd himself.  These young men performed tirelessly at school concerts and district shows where they became recognized and somewhat popular with their peers.

Having successfully completed high school, Shadd immediately began state college where he joined a well-known group called West Coast Entertainment where he was formally introduced and welcomed by the Notorious P I T (Kerry Shillingford, also a well-known rapper and dub artist in his village). 

After this, they formed a new group called Still Waters with Baba, an original member from the known group L7.

Shadd and his associate Baba are currently working on their 1st album with the already completed hit "In the heat of the night". Count on it, fans, the album will be on the way.

Thumbs up, Shadd - you are the next Star!


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